FA 082 Furry Sex! Yiff!

Introduction topic

  • Forgiveness

    • It is important for all of us to recognize that people who are involved in groups (such as the Alt-Right, Burned Furs, etc...) may not themselves be racist or bigoted but, instead, disenfranchised. While it is important for us to not accept hateful elements within the fandom, it is equally as important to welcome people back in when they have made mistakes and seek forgiveness.

      • We do agree, however, that people who organize bigoted events and coordinate attacks on progressive elements within the fandom do face a larger deficit and while it might be possible to forgive them, it may not be possible for them to live down the negative impact they have had on the Fandom at large

        • We recommend Life After Hate as a resource for people seeking more information on helping people transition from a bigoted, racist life view to a more tolerant, accepting, progressive one.

        • This fandom is our fandom, and as many of us are LGBTQ+ and, therefore choose our family, it is important for us to ensure that we hold each other accountable to progressive, accepting, progressive standards and values (upon which the Fandom truly has embraced and embodies).

        • Rest in power, Heather Heyer.



  • What do we look for in sex?

    • Most people get turned on by sensation-- touch of skin, smells, etc…

    • If sex is not a passive act, and it is easier for us to engage in self-pleasure (passive), why do we engage?

      • Many organisms reproduce asexually or without the need for penetration, but most mammals procreate through penetrative sex.

        • Earlier theory is the Red Queen hypothesis (evolutionary) named after Alice in Wonderland: an imaginary arms race as parasites reproduce like mad against their longer-lived host in the attempt to have generations survive for as long as possible

        • Modern theory is that eukaryotic cells (with mitochondria) drove the need for sex to avoid mutation (done asexually). Since mitochondria mutate faster than we do, sex allows for new genomes to be bound with another organism (or parasite in the Red Queen hypothesis) that become more compatible with the mitochondria’s needs.

      • Sexual self-determination: the drive for shared experiences and intimacy are recent developments within humans (as many animals do not display such tendencies). This can be tied to the idea of community (and community meaning safety) and can also be observed to an extent in pack animals

        • Sexual self-determination and emotional intimacy become tied together in most people to varying extents

        • This accounts for people who are not heterosexual

  • Furry identity

    • Sexual self-determination relies on two different aspects

      • The ability to pursue sexual encounters with your preferred gender

      • The ability to portray yourself as your own identity

    • For many furries, their identity is tied to their fursona in varying degrees, thus it becomes a part of the sexual self-determination

      • This can result in corporeal inconsistencies, especially when engaged online, where the avatar does not match the user. In other words, there is a difference between the online world and meatspace

    • Furry is both performative/expressive and identitive in terms of nature

      • Some furries perform as their fursonas in roleplay/twitter/IRL in fursuit but do not have a deep identification towards them

      • Some furries identify on a deeper level as their fursona, which in turn resonates with their self-actualized identity and, in turn, their sexual self-determination

    • Furry identity is different from cisgendered human identity, in that while cisgendered human identity is performative, it rarely enters the realm of identity (as there is little to no corporeal inconsistency)

    • Furry identity, with the advent of the internet, began to drive sexual expression on the internet forward and forces the question: what is identity in the digital age

Digital Sex, Roleplay, and VR

  • The internet serves, for many, as the first step taken towards sexual self-determination

    • Communities, such as the furry fandom, bring about a safe space where people feel more comfortable to explore

      • With the fandom’s focus on sex-positivity, it allows for shared experiences and experimentation to be facilitated in a “safe” fashion

    • In many places where LGBT rights are legislated against, it allows a safe place for individuals to explore and learn more about their potential desires to see if they are genuine or not

      • PornHub research on Porn Viewing reveals that states that legislate the most against LGBT rights have among the highest rates of LGBT porn viewing: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/pornhub-insights-gay-data/

      • The same is true for paraphilias, although this is legally questionable, especially when the fantasy crosses over into reality (or illegal materials are produced, shared, or viewed)

      • Tl;dr: discouraging sexual acts does nothing to halt their expression, especially online

  • When sex no longer requires the physical presence of another, the idea of it being for emotional intimacy or for genomic combination begins to fail

    • Sex becomes a creative act, a mutually shared fantasy

    • This mostly falls in line with Cybersex (camming, sharing photos, etc…)

  • The furry identity in online sex

    • Online sex with furs tends to require more imagination, as it is less about the physical experience (flesh and blood) and more about the imagined experience

      • The question then becomes: what happens when you identify with your avatar (or fursona) just as much as you identify with your meatspace-self?

        • Furries tend to be body-agnostic-- when engaged in yiffy digital play, we often don’t concern ourselves with the actual person but with their fursona

          • Sex rarely succeeds/produces fulfillment when separated entirely from physicality

          • However, in a body-agnostic community, intimacy derives from the identity (avatar), thus creating confusion when the digital identity is vastly different from the meatspace identity (a corporeal inconsistency)

  • Due to advancements in VR, sex toys, and modern computing, sex is changing as a whole

    • Hookup apps (Grindr, Tinder) changed how people look for potential sexual partners

    • It is theorized that furries, through the portrayal and creation of unique identities, worlds, and experiences, have been helping drive sex as an act forward into the future

      • Digital sex is less about the physicality and more about the narrative that you build with one another for mutual pleasure/enjoyment

        • This builds emotional connections (as opposed to traditional porn or cybersex), as you must inject humanity into the scene to keep a narrative and avoid objectification

        • Sex, as an intimate act, follows a similar pattern. You experiment with your partner(s) to find likes, dislikes, and together create a narrative

          • Kinky sex/BDSM/Sceneplay also follow this narrative

          • Digital advancements keeps this formula, but adds new components-- how well designed the model is, how well drawn the artwork is, etc...   

      • By furries having emotional ties with their fursonas, it allows for emotional ties to be created amongst each other and shifts the need for emotional connections on a physical level to a digitally acceptable level

        • This will never fully replace physical emotional intimacy, but it will enhance how sex is perceived and potentially sought after in the future

Furry sex in the bedroom

  • What makes physical, meatspace sex unique when engaged within the furry fandom


  • Subject: Smaller Penis Size (received via Twitter)

    • Do you guys have any material on how to deal with small penis embarrassment in relationships or just in general. My boyfriend has quite a larger one than me and honestly it sometimes makes me feel like Maybe it's disappointing to him. He says it's not, but it's more of a problem with myself. Especially with most popular AD furries being especially gifted it can feel like your extremely small, and there's really just not much you can do about it.


  • Next week’s topic: DIY BDSM

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