FA 079 Murrsuits

Introduction topic

  • Savage Lovecast appearance


What is a murrsuit

  • How are murrsuits different from other fursuits?
  • SPH
  • Are all partials murrsuits?

How to murrsuit responsibly

  • Don't squick the mundanes
  • Wear appropriate attire to cover SPHs that do not zip, obvious crotch seams, etc
  • Time, place, location
  • Keep it clean and smelling neutral
  • Never wear a dirty suit into public space

Care and maintenance of murrsuits

  • Ask your maker / modder what your suit's tolerances are
  • Always allow your suit to get fully dry
  • Use febreeze and dryer sheets to keep your suit smelling fresh between more thorough washes

Murrsuit design tips

  • If you're having your suit modded or crafted for the first time, consider going with a front zip rather than a back zip design
  • back zip suits require help to get into, which can ruin the "big reveal" moment if your yiff partner needs to handle you!
  • Consider getting SPHs that zip internally
  • Easier to conceal when being worn for non-sex purposes
  • Can conceal by cross-combing fur, may not require clothes to be worn on top
  • Make sure maker is making a washable suit with strong, well made seams
  • Murrsuits require much more frequent cleaning

Murrsuit sex tips

  • Partialing tends to be more comfortable for both parties; consider it as an alternative
  • Don't be afraid to make animal noises, pant, bark, claw... many people who enjoy murrsuit sex love the feral aspects of the anthro character they are with
  • Make sure to ask first before finishing on someone's suit!
  • If you see that you've created a stain, alert the suiter as soon as the scene is over so suit cleanup can take place before stains set in
  • In a pinch, white soda and a "pulling" motion with a towel can get most stains out quickly, including of the Santorum variety


  • Subject: I have been diagnosed with mental health issues - How do i make a relationship work?

    • How can an individual with mental health issues be capable of starting a relationship or at least maintaining one without problems occurring? I understand, there are a lot of Furries out there, suffering with mental health issues, that are able to maintain a Status Quo. How do they go about this?


  • Subject: Mate doesn't seem to want to move forward.

    • Question / Message / Feedback: I have been with my mate for over two years now. She is a genetic female from a homophobic catholic latino family, but she is not homophobic. I am one year on hormones for a male to female transition. Due to her family, I have to continue to present as a male. Her mother forbids her from visiting me at my place, spending nights or weekends together, and taking weekend trips together. I even planned a vacation so she could meet my parents, and her family stopped her from going. I have mentioned a lot about her moving in with me so she could get away from the psychologically abusive household. When I ask her why she continues to put up with their treatment of her, she responds "I don't know anymore". But after over two years together, she shows no sign of wanting to move forward, no sign of wanting to move in together, and no sign of wanting to change what she is unhappy about. She even refuses to go to therapy for help. I am at my wits end and don't know what to do. I love her and want to marry her, but I am at a loss. Please help.


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