FA 077 Poly/Mono Mixed Relationships

Introduction topic


  • How the situation of poly/mono arises

  • Common problems and solutions

  • “Polyamorish” complications


  • Subject: Erectile Dysfunction

    • I have erectile dysfunction issues, cannot take viagra or similar pills, and unfortunately am in my mid twenties. I still want to have fun, and exclusively top but the idea of explaining a penis pump to potential partners is incredibly embarrassing. Any advice?

  • Subject: Worried About Friend

    • I have a friend who recently became engaged to a man she has been dating less than a year. My concern is this: She met him at her job and he has been known to jump from woman to woman at the job. Well my friend has the attitude what happened before her doesn't concern her. But she is constantly telling me how the woman her fiance was with keeps stirring up trouble, and harassing them. To me that is a red flag, but I can't get her see that. I have heard stories about how this man will date women in the office and then all of a sudden stop talking them and will talk to everyone else around them, just ignoring them in there face. One woman already has left because of how he treated her. This last woman has cussed him out a few times but she has not left and has been heard saying that she will not give him the satisfaction of leaving because he can't look her in the face after how he has treated her. Turns out she was pregnant and he ghosted her in the same way except this woman sits on the other side of him and now she is watching my friend have a relationship with her ex. I have had other people who work with my friend tell me that she doesn't look happy, they don't each lunch together like the other engaged couple does and they keep pictures up of each other at their cubicles, which I find strange because they see each other everyday, but neither one of them have pictures of their kids up. Also she told me that when they first started dating that he told her not to come to his cubicle because he was a private person and he didn't want the other coworkers in his business, but I realized he did that because the ex girlfriend sat on the other side of him. I don't think this man is being truthful with my friend. I tried to show my friend how ugly her situation is and to put herself in the other woman shoes, but she feels like she has "won the prize", but I think his proposal is not sincere. I just don't want my friend to get hurt by bringing this man into her life and her child's life.



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