FA 076 Sensual Touch and Erogenous Zones

Introduction topic

  • Why is queer history important?


Female Erogenous Zones

  • Clitoris

  • Mouth / Lips

  • Neck

  • Anus

  • Breasts / Nipples

  • Ears

  • Scalp

Male Erogenous Zones

  • Penis

    • Note that there is little to no evidence that shows circumcision decreases sensation or sexual satisfaction

  • Mouth / Lips

  • Scrotum

  • Perineum

  • Thighs

  • Feet / Hands

  • Anus

  • Neck

  • Nipples

  • Ears

  • Scalp

Body Mapping

  • Sensate focus is a technique used to explore each other’s bodies to find areas of erogeneity. One person sits with their back against their mate’s chest. The person in front concentrates on relaxing and being in the moment while having their body explored by the person in the back.

    • This can be helpful as an intimacy building exercise, especially if one partner is shy about their body or opening up about areas of sensory pleasure they have.

  • Body mapping is self-exploration, where you gently touch your body to identify areas of sensual pleasure, discomfort, or sensory change.

    • This can help you identify areas of your body that you were unaware made you sexually aroused



I just wanted to say thank you for reading my question and taking the time to answer it. I know you yellow flagged from what I wrote and I guess I should have provided a bit better context I just didn’t want to have a long letter.


In short, just to point out he has always been accepting of me being submissive and such. However, he just in the past I guess didn’t reciprocate it back well. Since sending the letter in, I had a hard talk with him. It went really well and turns out it was all I had to do was explain what I wanted. While he still gets no pleasure out of type fucking, he is able to satisfy my urges now by responding specific ways to the things I do for him.


Just wanted to send this out, because I know some people like to know how things end up. Lesson learned, and I feel I should say this because I have a friend who is sub like myself and they have this same issue. I shouldn’t be afraid to talk to my Master about my feelings of what I want and need/expect. In fact it worked out really well, and I feel we are now even closer.


I think it is important that people should not be afraid to talk to their dom for fear of what they might say. I mean for me it wasn't so much fear as it was embarrassment. As I said I had bad experiences before, and I am still getting used to this different experience of having someone who has knowledge about D/s relationships. My previous ones were just master's who were selfish and they held all the control, and I wasn't to speak up or do anything or have any input and no contract and I thought that is what it was supposed to be.


That is the reason he had me read books and point me at research and resources. He wanted me to become more educated about what I was asking for and how to be informed on my input and structure is just as important. His words like I said in the group chat to me were "If I just take what I want from you, without having what you are ok with... that is considered rape"


also your show was one of the resources he suggested; thank you, I really appreciate what you guys do.


  • Subject: Help, I fell in love with my long distance relationship but after seeing a photo i can't find attraction to him.

    • Question / Message / Feedback: To start things off, I have always been furry since sexual awakening but I could never find humans attractive so I avoided that porn. After a few "normal" unsuccessful relationships where I would not find any attraction to the person I decided to try and seek out furries. After chatting online for a while and becoming apart of a small community of amazing furs I ended up pairing up with someone. It was amazing. We chatted for months and I legitimately felt like I was in love, both with the fursona and the person online. I sucked it up and revealed myself to him and he to I, and it was like a switch was hit. I no longer found him attractive due to his physical appearance.

    • I feel so incredibly shallow and terrible for feeling this way even if it seems like I cannot control it, but worse off I am very worried what this might do to him. We have not met yet in real life but I am now terrified of doing so and I do not want to reject him in such a way to hurt him. I have tried a lot, weening myself into regular porn or trying to look at the bright side but I just am met with a mental block of revulsion. Help.


  • Next week’s topic: Poly/mono mixed relationships

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