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How to get into pup play

  • Determining your role: I found in my experience that a lot of new and emerging pups in the scene try to conform to stereotype-like beliefs. For example, a lot of new pups assume they have to have a handler or they have to have a master or have to be submissive, while yes some pups do have handlers and masters and some may be submissive, I think personally there's a large percentage of pups who aren't any of those things. There are also all sorts of combinations like an alpha pup with a submissive handler. The list can go on and on. Basically,a lot of your role as a pup can determine a lot of his role based on his personality as a human, but you can only pinpoint the role by trying pup play. That's how it worked for me anyway. I learned that I was a silent shit disturber as a puppy. Very similar to how I am as a person, but quite magnified.

  • What to do at your first pup event: at a pup event, especially your first pup event, there's a few things you could do depending on your interest, your ability to be outgoing, and your entire personality. If you're there because you saw another pup and you thought “hey that looks fun” or you just very extroverted and ride the edge, getting down on the mats and wrestling with the other pups is probably an easy decision to make for you. If you think “I don't know what that is, I'd like to ask some questions” then you'll probably just watch, maybe talk to some people on the subject and just case the scene. Now if you've already experienced other kinks such as bondage, leather, sensory deprivation or other kinks of the like then you might be more interested in pup events in terms of searching for a pup of your own.

  • What to do if you can’t afford gear: honestly, the n my own opinion, gear is completely optional for puppy play. I know plenty of pups, myself included, who can mosh and play with the other pups without any specific gear. Some people, yeah a mask or pup hood helps them get into head space easier, but for the most part being a pup is all mental, not physical. So if you can't afford the gear right away but you still want some, then save for it. You don't need it right away. Also, do your research on pup gear retailers. You can often find pretty competitive prices if you shop around and don't just buy the first thing you see in the Google search. I've built up quite the list of pet play resources over my years of being a pup and I'd be happy to share it with anyone curious after I plug my social media at the end of the episode.

Differences between furry and pup culture

  • A lot of people who aren't involved in both scenes or not involved in either at all would usually look at a fur and a pup and go “what's the difference? They both act like animals” and while there is a growing overlap between the furry and the puppy communities, there are still substantial differences between them. For one, in my opinion, I haven't seen a pup moshing in a full suit of fur xD, two, pup play is usually quite physical, hence why I've never seen one in a full fursuit. You just get on your hands and knees on wrestling mats with any number of other pups and just start moshing, wrestling, cuddling, expression emotion through physical touch, as usually words are none existent or kept to a minimum in my experience. Yet flurries and pups are similar in the fact that when a human becomes their fursona or when a human becomes a pup, both enter a different side of themselves that they may not get to let out every day, a side of themselves with no stress and no responsibilities. Where they don't have to worry about how much rent they have to pay or how much money they owe their buddies. Whether you're a fur or a pup when you enter that head space you're living in the now and nothing else matters anymore.


Hi guys this is Alpine Shep. I want to say you guys have a really great show and I love listening to it on my commute to work or when I travel. I wanted to make an observation. I've noticed as the show has progressed, the show format has become  a little bit more one-sided.  What I mean by that is Metriko gets a lot more airtime than Vero does and so it kind of seems like a one-man show.  I want to be clear, that the quality of the content has not diminished, the points are still excellent however, it's less easy to listen to when there's one person talking. I'm not a professional podcaster and I don't know much about showbiz but I have noticed that the podcasts that I enjoy most have a good  back and forth between the hosts. Sort of like an argument and then a counter argument followed by discussion or perhaps agreement and then moving on.  Doesn't have to be strictly that but just an example. Just an idea feel free to incorporate or simply ignore me! Lol I'll probably still listen to your show. Keep up the great work guys.  Take care.



  • Subject: How do I reconcile being polyamorous with being Christian in the fandom?

  • Question: “I loved Leo’s column this week on how to reconcile being homosexual with being religious, specifically, Christian, in the fandom. But I have another, related question for you guys: How do I reconcile being polyamorous with being Christian? I have a Master and an Alpha who are in a relationship with each other and I adore them both and would do anything for them, and I know they would do the same for me. Nothing about what we’re doing feels wrong or like it is harming anyone, but I can’t get over the sense that I’m an adulterer, and it makes me feel guilty whenever I consider my faith.”


  • Next week’s topic: Shame

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