FA 027 Body Image and Self-Love

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How to love yourself if you’re overweight / underweight

  • Making jokes about yourself before other people can promote resilience

  • Know that you deserve happiness at any size

  • Weight can be changed far easier than attitude

  • You are still sexy / cute / hot

  • Taking selfies of yourself when you think you look hot or cute will be a great help

  • Learn how to dress yourself to match your body type-- you can wear cute clothes at any size

How to be healthy

  • Health At Every Size (HAES)

    • Sometimes used less about ‘health’ and more about fat-acceptance or ensuring that individuals that are obese have access to resources and facilities

    • Many HAES supporters believe that health and weight control are not linked together

    • Some tenants of HAES are useful, in that it is possible to get in control of your health regardless of your size

  • You’re going to live longer if you’re overweight

  • If You Do Want to Lose Weight…

    • Consult your doctor!

    • Anaerobic exercise > raise basal metabolic rate

    • Cardio/aerobic exercise

      • Other health benefits

      • Not as important for weight loss

  • If you do want to GAIN weight

    • Consult your doctor!

    • Caloric intake vs output

    • Metriko has a roommate who did this!

      • Protein powder

      • Calorie counting

      • Constant weight training

      • Living your life around food

Question 01:11:10

I had a question about power exchanges and polyamory. It's kind of a two-part question though.
To preface, my name is Winter, and I am currently seeing two people, and we define our relationship within the context of pup/Handlers. One of my Handlers is someone who I've known for quite some time (one of the first friends I made after making the move to Florida from Chicago), and my other Handler is his mate. They have been dating for about six months, and it's coming up on three months since I was welcomed into their relationship and when our defined pup/Handler experience began. We are also nearing a renegotiation period in the sense of drawing up a hard-copy contract, so I was hoping to get some advice before heading into the contract-writing session.
The first is a bit more of a general question, because it applies to me regardless of my relationship and more so in a life-in-general way. Basically, what are the best ways to ask oneself if they want/are ready for a polyamorous relationship? I've only ever experienced monogamy, and while I am quite happy in my role as a puppy to two wonderful and loving Handlers, it's still hard for me to suppress jealousy when other pups/subs are invited over, /especially/ when I'm not there. That's why in some ways I wonder if redefining the relationship in polyamorous terms instead of strictly pup terms would help to resolve that, but again I don't even truly know if that's something that I want.Secondly, on a more personal level that more directly applies to my specific relationship; what would be the best way to approach this topic with my Handlers? As I said, we are nearing a renegotiation period anyway (as part of our standing relationship agreements). Would now be the best time to bring it up? Or should I wait until a more neutral, clearly-understood-role time in our relationship? And what type of recourse should I take if either of them react negatively to it?
Thank you so much in advance!!! I am a huge fan of the podcast, and admire you all in so many ways!


  • Next week’s topic: Resilience

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