FA 023 BDSM Roles Demystified

Feral  Attraction
Episode 23 - BDSM Roles Demystified 06/14




  • These are archetypes; your relationship role will likely have some flexibility (not like selecting your class in an RPG)

  • Feel free to call your partner whatever makes the most sense within your relationship

  • Remember to ask, “What does that mean for you?”

Dominant Roles

  • Dominants

    • Catch-all term for those who like to be in charge

    • Asks self, "What would please me now?" and makes it happen.

  • Master/Mistress

    • Receive complete control over the life of their submissive (usually, a slave)

    • Power exchange is more extreme than a mere dominant, usually 24/7, and in all aspects of the submissive’s life (except for negotiated exceptions)

    • Responsible for perfecting their submissive and creating a safe and stable environment for submission

    • May have connotations with old-guard Leather community

  • Daddy/Mommy

    • Dominants who take on a caretaker role, seeking to guide, instruct, and shape their submissives (often boys/girls)

    • More caring approach to domination

      • Focus is on positive reinforcement, less on punishment

      • Iron fist in a velvet glove

    • Often pairs well with ageplay or intergenerational relationships

  • Owners

    • Take 24/7 responsibility for a submissive (usually a pet)

    • Mix of traits of the Master/Mistress and the Daddy/Mommy

  • Brat Tamers

    • Dominants who enjoy working with bratty submissives (often, brats)

  • Primal Predators

    • Dominants who enjoy the feral aspects of sex and enjoy acting on feral instincts, such as biting, scratching, and vocalizing

    • Tend to be less interested in bondage and toys

  • Trainer

    • Dominant who enjoys breaking in a pup

    • Often hands a well-trained pup off to a Handler (or becomes a Handler)

    • Similarities to Daddy, Brat tamer

  • Handler

    • Dominant who handles a pup

    • Tends not to display canine traits; is otherwise similar to an Owner/Master

  • Alpha pup

    • Dominant who handles a submissive pup while also displaying canine traits

    • Similarities to Owner, Trainer, Master, and Predator

  • Sadists

    • Enjoy inflicting pain (consensually)

  • Bondage top

    • Likes to tie up and restrain partners

Submissive Roles

  • Submissives

    • Catch-all term for those who like to follow

  • Slaves

    • Give over full control to a Dominant (usually, a Master/Mistress)

    • Power exchange is more extreme than a mere submissive, usually 24/7, and in all aspects of the submissive’s life (except for negotiated exceptions)

    • Have few limits; their mind and body are mere resources for their dominant’s use

    • May have connotations with Old Guard Leather community

  • Boy/Girl

    • Mix of submission and childlike innocence / freedom from adult decision making

    • Can be a bit of naughtiness / sexual curiosity / shyness

    • Seek nurturing and guidance (often from Daddy/Mommy)

    • Often pairs well with ageplay or intergenerational relationships

  • Pet

    • Gives 24/7 responsibility to a dominant (usually an owner)

    • Mix of the traits of the slave and the boy/girl

  • Brat

    • Naughty submissives

    • Tease and disobey in order to experience punishment/correction

    • Still ultimately submissive

  • Primal Prey

    • Submissives who enjoy feral aspects of sex

    • Like being chased, subdued, bitten, scratched

    • Tend to de-emphasize use of toys / restraints

  • Pup

    • Submissive who takes the role of a puppy or dog

    • Like being handled, crave the headspace of a pup of being affectionate and receiving attention

    • Often does not focus on humiliation

  • Masochists

    • Enjoy having pain inflicted on them

  • Bondage bottom

    • Likes to be tied up / restrained

Relationship OTPs

  • Dominants with submissives

  • Masters and Mistresses with slaves (also brats, boys/girls, pets)

  • Daddies/Mommies with boys/girls (also brats, pets)

  • Owners with pets (also brats, boys/girls)

  • Brat tamers with brats (also boys/girls, pets)

  • Predators with prey

  • Sadists with masochists

  • Bondage tops with bondage bottoms

What am I?


  • Hello. I've recently started dating out of the fandom (which is the first time in a while) and I met this really nice guy. I really like him, and we've been dating for a little while but I think he doesn't like furries. I haven't told him that I am one and I am scared about what he might say/do when I tell him. What approach should I take when telling him? Also, do you have any advice about how I can educate him on what exactly a "furry" is?

  • Received via email (name withheld)


Meow! I’m a lion from the UK. And I have an interesting life, with a homophobic mother, single parent, trans mate, and many close furry friends. I like your site and podcast, but I find that names, and categorizing a relationship can be trapping sometimes. I have a few friends that I love in different ways. All of which are different. And while clarification about your relationship is important, as well as good communication with all involved, I generally feel putting yourself in a box is a bad idea. (Unless it’s cardboard, that’s the best XD). The same for my orientation.

I don’t have any questions,

But thanks for the podcast. Keep up the good work ^3^


Labels should be a conversation starter and not the end of a conversation and should also help with finding common ground as a communication heuristic

With labels, always ask "What does that mean for you?"

Aesthetic and Identity: a label is an aesthetic, whereas your identity is entirely separate and self-determined


  • Next week’s topic: Kink Fantasy vs Reality (and how to talk about kinks with your partner)  

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