FA 021 Introduction to Kink

Feral  Attraction
Episode 021 - Introduction to Kink 06/01

Intro 00:00:35

  • What scientists know — and don't know — about sexual orientation

    • Science Daily Review

    • Report published in Psychological Science in the Public Interest

    • Men's and women's sexual orientations manifest in different ways: Men's sexual orientation is more closely linked to their patterns of sexual arousal than women's sexual orientation is

    • Various biological factors--including prenatal hormones and specific genetic profiles--are likely to contribute to sexual orientation, though they are not the sole cause

    • Biological and non-social environmental factors jointly influence sexual orientation

    • Prevalence of non-heterosexuality

      • Researchers view sexual orientation as having several components--including sexual behavior, sexual identity, sexual attraction, and physiological sexual arousal

        • majority of scientific studies focus solely on self-reported sexual attraction

      • Difficult to estimate prevalence

        • Across cultures, a "small but nontrivial" percentage of people have non-heterosexual feelings

          • Current estimates of complete heterosexuality

            • 86 percent of women

            • 93 percent of men

    • Is it a choice?

      • Because sexual orientation is based on desire and we do not "choose" our desires, the authors argue, this question is illogical.

Topic 00:10:50

What is kink? 00:14:00

  • Kink versus Fetish

    • Kink: This helps me orgasm

    • Fetish: I need this to orgasm

  • Safe, sane, consensual

  • Good, giving, game

  • Don’t Kink shame

    • Your “EW” might be somebody’s “ooh”

    • Just because you don’t like something does not mean it is a bad thing

Where do kinks come from? 00:28:00

  • Not entirely sure

    • Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All of Us, by Jesse Bering

    • Usually an exposure or experience in childhood

    • Some kinks are more or less innate, others gained by exposure

      • E.g. Always into bondage vs dated someone into it and became interested

Common Fandom Paraphilias 00:37:50

  • F-List!

  • Watersports

  • Bondage

  • Feet / paws

  • Musk

  • Anthro animals

  • Feral animals (question this week!)

  • Size play

  • Pup play

  • Age play

  • Non-consensual play

  • Sleep play

  • Inflation

  • Rubber

  • ABDL

  • Leather

  • Edgeplay

    • Blades/bloodplay

    • Breathplay

    • Vore

Intro to BDSM 00:53:00

  • We’re doing a full episode on this next week, but here are some key terms to get used to:

    • Roles

      • Topping vs Bottoming vs Versatile

      • Domination vs Submission vs Switch

    • Types of D/S

      • Scene play vs Lifestyling vs No Recourse TPE (Total Power Exchange)

      • Bondage

      • D/S relationship types

        • Master/pet

        • Daddy/boy

        • Owner/slave

    • Sadism/Masochism

Question(s) 00:59:00

  • Subject: Literal Feral Attraction.
    Hi Metriko and/or Viro. I think I need help.
    Today I was going about my business, as much as a singular furry can do. Just hanging around. I don't remember who, but someone had brought a dog with them, out for a walk. It's actually quite embarrassing but... I found this dog attractive. Now I don't usually see actual animals in that way, but this one I did. I've actually been noticing my eyes drifting at dogs. I guess a literal feral attraction (Was that offensive?)
    I know there's THAT part of the fandom and I'm scared I'll be accused of something I didn't even do just because I'm having these thoughts... I can't look at myself the same way anymore. And sorry for the shortness of this question. It's just a really big issue that's been on my mind all day and I just need to get it out there and hope for answers.

    • Viro- Attraction is harmless, but you should never take actions that harm others

    • Metriko- Fantasies are great and a healthy part of a sex life, but some fantasies should never become realities. 

Closer 01:07:45

  • Next week’s topic: BDSM Relationships

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