FA 002 Nonviolent Communication Strategies

Here are some timestamps and additional resources that we reference in this episode of Feral Attraction

Feral  Attraction
Episode 002 - Nonviolent Communication Strategies 01/20

Intro 00:00:26


Owning One’s Emotional Shit 00:06:00

  • Franklin Veux (http://www.morethantwo.com)

  • “I” Statements

    • “I Heard you say ____, is that right?”

    • “Did you mean ____?”

  • Taking a time out

  • Saying the thing that is difficult to say

    • The thing that is the most difficult to say is often the most important thing to say

Apologies and Corrections 00:29:15

  • How to apologize

    • Be specific

    • Be responsible

  • What changes you’ll make or expect

    • Cost of admissions

    • Setting limits: “emotional boundaries” versus “ultimatums”

  • Who to vent to

    • Don’t take it to Twitter

    • Don’t vent to mutual friends / partners

    • If you are being abused, speak to the proper authorities. Be safe! Don’t sacrifice your health or safety for a relation

Question(s) 01:16:10

  • Is it practical to have a long-distance polyamorous relationship?
    (Anonymous via Twitter)


  • Next week’s topic: Non-Monogamous Furry Relationships 101

  • Viro’s Panel at ANE http://sched.co/5fQw

    • Saturday, January 23, 3:00PM - 3:00PM
      Panel Room 2 (Cambridge B)

    • Are you in a relationship, but thinking of adding an additional mate? Have you considered an open relationship, but weren't sure what that would mean for your existing relationship? Are you single, and considering dating a couple, or joining up with an existing pack? Come to Non-monogamous Furry Relationships 101, where you will learn how to practice non-monogamy ethically, with the full enthusiastic consent of all parties involved. Topics covered will include non-violent communication strategies, conflict resolution, ethical compromise, radical honesty, informed consent, safer sex practices, relationship structures (monogamishamy, open relationship, polyamory, relationship anarchy, and traditional monogamy), personal boundaries, relationship rules, handling rejection, and how and when to say no. (40 minute presentation followed by 20 minute Q&A).
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Metriko Oni

Metriko Oni is a former government environmental disaster mitigations expert with a focus on outreach, education, and policy writing. He now works with computers. He has been active in the fandom since 2013 and has been an advocate for transparent lines of communication. His interests include philosophy, media, futurism, and speculative fiction.