FA 008 Owning Your Sh*t

Feral  Attraction
Episode 008 - Owning Your Shit


  • How FurSquared went

    • 800 attendees; 25 at panel

    • Very good response

  • Last week was about yourself. This one is about how you can impact your relationship by not taking control of yourself


Owning Your Shit 0:02:30

  • Taking ownership of your emotions 0:03:00

    • Don’t cast blame on your partners when you feel envy or jealousy

      • Remember “I statements”

      • Avoid projection

        • Humans defend themselves against their own unpleasant impulses by denying their existence while attributing them to others

    • Envy and jealousy are like the warning light in your car

      • Pay attention, but don’t assume something is really wrong

      • Practice introspection and self-care

    • Know your own baggage

      • Write your “user’s manual”

      • Know where your landmines are

        • Transference - baggage from childhood / earlier trauma

      • Don’t be afraid to disclose to friends / mates

        • During arguments / apologies

          • why are you upset?

          • Did some of your shit contribute to a transgression?

            • Make it clear you aren’t trying to excuse your actions, but simply explain them

        • Admit when you’re being irrational

        • Be willing to request accommodation for mild neurotic traits

        • Don’t be afraid to talk about your fears

  • Don’t own shit that is not yours 0:49:47

    • You are not responsible for your partner’s emotional state

      • Your role is to facilitate, not rehabilitate

        • Your partner needs to learn how to be resilient

        • Do offer to make amends if you have done something wrong

    • Do not succumb to emotional blackmail

    • This does not license you to knowingly do things that will hurt your partner

Question 1:03:50

  • I have a much higher sex drive than my mate does. What can I do to get my sexual and intimacy needs met?

    • Maintainance Sex vs Enthusiastic Sex

    • Sex need not always be penetrative / high impact

      • make it lower key, so sex doesn't seem intimidating or like a chore

    • Cuddling partner while pawing, mutual masturbation

    • Getting partner in the mood with porn, erotica, shared story telling, roleplay

    • If non-monogamous, that may help, but remind partners that they are not interchangeable

    • Consider encouraging partner not to paw independently or not allowing partner to climax during every instance of sex

Closer 1:26:30

  • Next week’s topic: Emotional Bandwidth

  • Contact info

  • Other business

    • Panel at Fur The More confirmed

      • Non-Monogamous Furry Relationships 101, Sat 5p-6:30p

      • Post-panel dinner

    • Panel at FA:U confirmed

    • New elements on webpage

      • Upcoming events

      • Presentations

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