FA 009 Emotional Bandwidth

Feral  Attraction
Episode 009 - Emotional Bandwidth 03/09



Introduction 0:00:38


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Topic 0:02:35

Knowing when you’ve exceeded your bandwidth 0:10:00  

  • Constantly feeling frazzled

  • Not enough “me” time

  • Feeling angry or annoyed when you hear from friends

  • Feeling annoyed or put upon when new people reach out

How to reject a new friendship/relationship connection gracefully 0:17:00

  • Making it clear it is about you, not about them

    • “I don’t have any energy left” vs “You aren’t worth my time”

    • Avoid “white lies” that are transparently untrue

      • “I don’t have time” - everyone has time (priorities)

  • Suggest getting together another time, but only if you mean it

What if the other person doesn’t take a hint? 0:25:00

  • Be brutally direct — Hit the road, Jack

    • Examples

      • “You seem cool, but I’m not looking for a new friendship or a relationship right now.”

      • “I don’t think we’re a good match.”

      • “I think we are looking for different things.”

      • “Sorry, not interested.”

      • “Please stop contacting me.”

    • It’s still kinder to let someone down and hurt them at the outset of a relationship than to lead them on only to hurt them far worse later

    • Leading people on spares your feelings temporarily; it does not spare the person who you need to let down

  • Getting to know people online versus in person (Advice Column)

Beware psychic vampires 0:52:00

  • Don’t indulge people who simply waste your time

  • “Hi” with no follow up from people you do not know, small talk that goes nowhere, etc.

  • Don’t allow yourself to be put in the position of manufacturing conversations you never intended to have

  • You don’t owe anyone your time or attention; they belong to you
    (beyond agreed upon commitments)

Question(s) 1:02:40

  • One of the biggest reasons why relationships don't work is due to financial reasons. Can you do a detailed guide on that? it's a big reason for me if I ever want to hook up. Roommates are becoming more prominent these days.

    • Twitter (@lostnolonger14)

Closer 1:22:50

  • Next week’s topic: Episode 10 - “Campsite Rule” / Age Differences

  • Panel approved for FWA at an odd hour; working on rescheduling

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