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Episode 006 – Breakups 02/17

Intro 0:00:31

  • We’ve appreciated all the questions we have been receiving. We apologize for the backlog; we’ll be answering 1-2 questions per week on the advice column and podcast.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s talk about breaking up :3

How to break up amicably 0:03:38

  • Avoid blame 0:04:30

  • Attempt to break up in person if possible 0:09:30

  • Avoid face-saving lies 0:17:10

    • Don’t say “not right now” if you mean “not ever”

      • Tie back to integrity episode

    • Don’t lead people on “I don’t have time for a relationship” is rarely actually true (priorities)

    • Don’t encourage an ex to carry a torch for you

  • If someone asks why, make sure they really want to know 0:22:10

    • It’s usually best to stick with “I feel we just aren’t compatible”

  • Timing of breakup 00:32:12

    • Try not to cause undo stress by breaking up at an inopportune time

      • Consider school/work, other personal issues, family issues (what is going on in the background)

        • 1) creates stress

        • 2) when stress lowers, breakup may no longer feel necessary


  • Relationships ought to benefit all parties involved 00:40:30

    • The people in the relationship are more important than the relationship

    • It is possible to love someone and ultimately not be romantically or practically compatible (aka not able to live with, etc)

    • Everyone should feel respected

    • Everyone should have autonomy

      • Symbiotic

      • Parasitic

  • Relationships ought to bring more joy/fulfillment than pain/sadness (most of the time) 01:02:00

    • Relationships won’t always be fun

    • On an average day, a relationship should make you more happy and fulfilled than you would feel by yourself or with someone else

  • Relationships should NEVER be allowed to become abusive 01:49:30

    • Physical abuse

      • Sexual assault / rape

      • Physical violence

    • Emotional abuse

      • Emotional blackmail

        • Manipulation through fear, obligation, guilt

        • “If you break up with me, I’ll kill myself”

          • Studies indicate this is rarely the case

          • People aren’t as affected by breakups (intensity/duration) as they think they will be

          • If you do think your partner is suicidal, provide them with resources (suicide hotline) and notify family/friends

        • “No one else will ever love me because of X”

          • Cancer, HIV, gender identity/expression, asexuality, etc.

          • Part of integrity - looking out for your own emotional and physical health

            • Though it can be very difficult, you cannot lose yourself for the sake of a partner or a relationship

            • BUT getting back to earlier point, time/place

              • Don’t break up before a major surgery, etc.

              • Try to pick the most stable/opportune moment when partner’s support network is at full capacity to be there for them

              • Alert others close to your partner that partner may need them

Question(s) 2:02:40

  • I have a mate who isn't a furry, and gets jealous when I participate in fandom events or do things with other furs. What should I do?

    • Received via Telegram from Sammy Wolf

    • Previously Addressed in an Advice Column

    • What are your relationship priorities? What relative percent of time / energy are you spending on each?

    • Envy vs Jealousy

      • Envy

        • Make time for before / after

        • Schedule special occasion with mate

        • Encourage mate to spoil him/herself while you are away (practice self-care)

      • Jealousy

        • Trust issues?

        • If trust issues are legitimate and/or it makes both of you feel more comfy, consider promising to check in with partner during event

    • Ask what your mate is feeling, and how you can help

      • Draw some “I statements” out of him

      • Validate mate’s feelings; don’t tell him he’s wrong or that he’s being unfair

    • Invite the mofo along

Closer 2:19:50

  • Trumping - A definition

  • Next week’s topic: How to love yourself (oh murr)

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