FA 050 Fairness versus Equality

We open this week's show with a discussion of Milo Yiannopoulos, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and covert transphobia. We address who Milo is, why hate speech is not necessarily free speech, and why people responding to hateful speech is not a case of being sensitive. Free speech is one of the tenants that many countries hold near and dear to the rights of their citizens, however most people feel that makes you free from criticism. We also address covert transphobia, virtue signaling, and why the Chancellor of UWM is a shitbag.

Our main topic is on Fairness versus Equality. We discuss the balance of responsibilities, wants, needs, and desires in a relationship and how to make sure that everyone is contributing and benefitting in as positive a fashion as possible. Many people try to make their relationships equal, in time spent together, finances and bills being paid, and responsibilities being distributed across the board. We recommend replacing your idea of equality to equity, and build your relationship on that more stable platform on a journey to fairness. We go over common struggles encountered in relationships that attempt equality over equity, and how to make changes to help stabilize your relationship.

We close this week's show with a question on whether it's fair for a man to be the receptive partner in sexual activities more than his boyfriend is. We discuss equity, needs and wants, and sex charts.

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FA 045 Dating and Spirituality

On this week’s show we open with a discussion on the recent presidential election in the United States. Our apologies-- this segment ran for much longer but we will be continuing this discussion in a separate show from the podcast. 

Our main topic is on Dating and Spirituality. Many people struggle to balance religion and relationships, especially when non-monogamous. Within the furry fandom we are enriched with individuals who are atheist, agnostic, or otherwise reject a spiritual path. That being said, there are plenty of furries who are religious or otherwise spiritual, and finding a balance in a relationship between partners of varying religious backgrounds can be trying. In this episode we invite on Leo Lion, who is Christian, to discuss methods to bridge that gap and to come to find loving, healthy relationships. 

We close out the show with two questions on loud sex and jealousy in relationships. Should you be loud as the hell you want when making love? When getting to know a new partner in an open or polyamorous relationship, should you do that one on one or in a group setting? 

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FA 044 Defining Success

We open this week's show with a discussion on an article that asks the question: which makes you more fulfilled-- making money or having free time? We look into the pros and cons of both, as well as an explanation of opportunity cost. 

Our main topic is on Success. Last week we spoke about Discipline; this week we go over what Success is and how to define it. As you require Discipline for Success, this is part two of an odd episode pairing. We discuss ways to determine success in life, love, and in general. In the face of the recent US Election, this episode might be more necessary than we thought.

We close out our episode with two questions on Long Distance Relationships.

For more information, including a list of topics, see our Show Notes for this episode.