Non-Violent Communication

FA 091 Communication / NVC ability Mismatches

We open this week's show with a discussion of a recent article in the New York Times concerning the rise of anxiety amongst American youth. We look at recent studies done that try to explain the sources of anxiety that we face in the modern day, as well as ways we can work to counteract it in our everyday lives.

Our main topic is on Communication Mismatches. After a discussion in our Telegram group concerning relationships where communication styles are not complementary (especially in regard to Nonviolent Communication), we wanted to go over this in more detail. What are the more common types of communication styles, how can they be improved on, and what do you do in a relationship where the communication styles are so different the relationship turns combative more often than not.

We close out the show with a question on breaking up. A younger questioner is blocked from talking to his boyfriend by potentially homophobic parents. Should he break up or not? 

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FA 090 Getting a Derailed Convention Back on Track

We open this week's show with a discussion on video games and sex ed. Is there room for crafted video games and smart phone apps that target vulnerable teenagers who may not have the best access to a sex-positive education about sexual health?

Our main topic is on getting a derailed convention back on track. Over the past two weeks we have discussed how to get to a con and what to do at a con: this week is all about what to do when something goes wrong at a con. We talk about mitigation strategies for commonly encountered issues from injury, hangover, hotel room issues, travel delays, and more. It's a conversational show as we talk about situations we've been in personally and ways that we have overcome them.

We close out the show with feedback on volunteering at a convention and a question on seeking love when you believe yourself to be undeserving of affection.

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FA 048 Pack House Dynamics

We open this week's show with a discussion on why polyamory (or open relationships, really) are not for everyone. We discuss a YouTube Video which goes through this discussion in a fun, informative way, and we think that if you enjoy the show you would enjoy the video. Give it a watch after the show HERE.

Our main topic is on Pack Houses. We break down why that might be the wrong question to ask, as well as detail just what a communal house is, how they are structured, and how you can cohabitate in an intentional community. One of the most commonly asked questions of the show is how can one find a polyamorous house to live in, and we address why pack houses are less a random roommate on Craigslist and actually a relationship that you are entering.

We close out the show with two questions: one on BDSM Anxiety and the other on Long Distance Polyamory.

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FA 047 Explaining Relationships to Family

We open this week on a serious note. As many are aware there was a tragic accident within the Pup community this past week that took the life of one of its most sex positive, fun, outgoing members. We were faced with a dilemma on how to approach this, as we wanted to address the dangers of self-breathplay (autoerotic asphyxiation) without shaming or causing additional pain for those whose lives he touched. It's an important topic, and one that we would be remiss to not discuss, so we attempt to do so as delicately as possible. 

What's important, in moments like these, is that we do not equate the individual to the mistake and, instead, celebrate the positivity and light that they shared with us. It's important that we educate others off of the mistake made, and continue the legacy they started of being open, honest, kink friendly, and a mentor and friend to many. It is in this spirit that we discuss auto-erotic asphyxiation and the inherent dangers as our top of the show. 

We did not use names, as we did not want to cause additional grief for others. It is our hope that we did this properly and, if you feel otherwise, we invite you to contact us with your feedback. This is a Pup who will be missed by many, including ourselves. May we all continue to spread their legacy to all we encounter on a daily basis.

Our main topic is on explaining relationships to family. During this holiday season many will have the unique position of "coming out" to their parents, whether it's as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, or as an individual in a poly relationship. We discuss how to prepare yourself for this, how to handle the ongoing conversations that might be started, and how to move forward once you've opened the dialogue. 

Our question for the week focuses on this main topic-- how do you handle a family member who does not want you telling other people about your relationship because they are afraid it will cause gossip or damage the reputation of the family?

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FA 045 Dating and Spirituality

On this week’s show we open with a discussion on the recent presidential election in the United States. Our apologies-- this segment ran for much longer but we will be continuing this discussion in a separate show from the podcast. 

Our main topic is on Dating and Spirituality. Many people struggle to balance religion and relationships, especially when non-monogamous. Within the furry fandom we are enriched with individuals who are atheist, agnostic, or otherwise reject a spiritual path. That being said, there are plenty of furries who are religious or otherwise spiritual, and finding a balance in a relationship between partners of varying religious backgrounds can be trying. In this episode we invite on Leo Lion, who is Christian, to discuss methods to bridge that gap and to come to find loving, healthy relationships. 

We close out the show with two questions on loud sex and jealousy in relationships. Should you be loud as the hell you want when making love? When getting to know a new partner in an open or polyamorous relationship, should you do that one on one or in a group setting? 

For more information, including a list of topics, see our Show Notes for this episode.