FA 031 Hookup App Etiquette

We open today's show with a discussion on why millennials are having less sex. We also ask the question: are furries really millennials and why does it seem we buck this trend?

Our main topic is on hookup apps. Regardless of your gender or orientation, there is a hookup app that caters to your wants, needs, and desires. We discuss some of the more common apps, the common pitfalls and dangers of using hookup apps, and what you can do to ensure you have as positive an experience as possible.

Our question focuses on sexuality, BDSM, and therapy: how to find a kink positive therapist and whether enjoying being dominated by another man makes you less straight. 

We have some feedback on our opening discussion last week, and we close with an apology for the audio quality for the week. Next week our studios will be completed and the audio quality should return to a good level. Thank you again for your patience and understanding!

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FA 023 BDSM Roles Demystified

We open tonight's show with a discussion of a hotel owner who spied on his tenants for over thirty years. He recorded information concerning their sexual activity, sent this to someone who wrote for the New Yorker as "research data," and slowly grew more and more cynical toward those he was spying on. Was he a sex researcher or was he an unethical voyeur? (Spoiler, he was an unethical voyeur)

Our main topic is on common roles that individuals take on while participating in BDSM. Last week we discussed negotiating a BDSM / power exchange relationship contract. Tonight we talk about the different roles that you might find yourself in, whether that is as a Dominant or a submissive. While this is not an exhaustive list and you might find yourself wearing multiple hats (or, perhaps in the case of BDSM, multiple hoods), this gives a good idea of what might interest you if you are looking to get into BDSM or a power exchange dynamic.

We close out with a question on how to bring up the topic of the furry fandom to a new partner who is not furry. What are some ways you can gauge their interest or views on the fandom without perhaps giving away the fact that you are a member? 

There is also some feedback on the usage of labels on the show. Is there a need to apply labels to everything, or is that just shoving people into a box that has preconceived notions and, perhaps, negative connotations? 

It's a show full of labels and laughs as we demystify the common roles in BDSM!

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FA 021 Introduction to Kink

We open tonight's show with a discussion of a recent scientific paper about what scientists currently know about sexual orientation and identity. It's a fairly long read (60+ pages), so we rely on Viro giving us a breakdown and going through the relevant portions. It's almost like Viro is a PhD Science Collie...

Our main topic is an introduction to kink, and, to a lesser extent, an introduction to Kink Month. We wanted to set the stage for the following episodes by going over commonly used terms and defining them — as we have said numerous times, it's important for everyone to be on the same page when discussing sexual activities. 

The furry fandom is enriched in media that portrays various kinks, whether that's artwork, stories, or even videos of fursuiters engaging in various forms of play. As perhaps the only fandom that exists without a pre-existing narrative or established universe, for many furries the sexual content is their primary focus and involvement. For other furries they would rather not acknowledge that this portion of the fandom exists. 

As a community, it's important to understand how to share our sexual interests in a way that is healthy and appropriate for the context and location the discussion is occurring in. As individuals, it's important for us to learn how to communicate our likes and dislikes to our sexual partners in order to meet everyone's wants and needs and to ensure that no boundaries are crossed without enthusiastic consent. We discuss this and how to be more open minded about kinks you had either previously never expressed interest in or believe yourself to not be interested in.

We then talk about some of the most common kinks in the furry fandom. This is in no way scientific (and we pulled our information from a brief f-list search), but it helps to show just how diverse and enriched the fandom is in kink. Resources like F-List are great for communicating your sexual kinks and enjoyments for online roleplay, but if you plan on taking your online play partners on in the real world, ensure that they know which kinks are for online enjoyment only and, perhaps, consider creating a separate profile that lists your real world kinks and fetishes as they apply. We also have a brief introduction on BDSM, which we will discuss in greater depth next week.

We close out the show with a question about someone who has "literal feral attraction". We discuss our impending lawsuit for violating our brand and also whether or not fantasies should become realities.

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FA 011 Online and Long Distance Relationships

Online Relationships and Long Distance Relationships (LDRs) have become a staple of the fandom due to our massive presence online. Most furries will, at one point or another, enter into some kind of a relationship that is non-local. 

How do you begin such a relationship, or maintain it once it is underway? What is the difference between an Online Relationship and a Long Distance Relationship? How do you set reasonable expectations for the relationship? What is the best way to keep intimacy regular when you might be continents apart? 

We also answer the question of whether you need a primary partner in order to be polyamorous. 

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FA 004 Netiquette

This week we have a more lighthearted discussion about Netiquette. While much of what we say might be seen as common sense, it is important to go over it from time to time. How do you tell someone that their artwork turned you on without turning them off to you? Should you send porn to Tony the Tiger? Also, how do you handle a breakup?

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