FA 055 Self-Care during Jealousy and Breakups

On this week’s show we open with a discussion on whether or not apps like Tinder or Grindr have changed what people consider the “right” number of sexual partners when considering you as a potential mate. We look at an article in Playboy by Debra Soh that delves into the Goldilocks-zone of sexual partners.

Our main topic is on Self-Care during Jealousy, and Breakups. In relationships, whether monogamous or polyamorous, closed or open, we are all bound to experience bouts of jealousy. We discuss tips and tools to employ to help get over your jealousy in a relationship to ensure that you handle yourself in a healthy, non-violent fashion. We also look at the end of a relationship and how to take care of yourself and promote closure and moving forward when you go through a breakup.

We close out the show with a question on how to approach a friend who has fallen in love with you. Should you ask them whether or not they like you or like-like you, or is it best to say nothing in an attempt to maintain the current relationship status quo?

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FA 050 Fairness versus Equality

We open this week's show with a discussion of Milo Yiannopoulos, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and covert transphobia. We address who Milo is, why hate speech is not necessarily free speech, and why people responding to hateful speech is not a case of being sensitive. Free speech is one of the tenants that many countries hold near and dear to the rights of their citizens, however most people feel that makes you free from criticism. We also address covert transphobia, virtue signaling, and why the Chancellor of UWM is a shitbag.

Our main topic is on Fairness versus Equality. We discuss the balance of responsibilities, wants, needs, and desires in a relationship and how to make sure that everyone is contributing and benefitting in as positive a fashion as possible. Many people try to make their relationships equal, in time spent together, finances and bills being paid, and responsibilities being distributed across the board. We recommend replacing your idea of equality to equity, and build your relationship on that more stable platform on a journey to fairness. We go over common struggles encountered in relationships that attempt equality over equity, and how to make changes to help stabilize your relationship.

We close this week's show with a question on whether it's fair for a man to be the receptive partner in sexual activities more than his boyfriend is. We discuss equity, needs and wants, and sex charts.

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FA 040 Boundaries vs Rules

On this week's show we open with a discussion of an article Debra Soh wrote on common misconceptions people make about polyamorous relationships. We use science to debunk mistakes: it's almost as if one of the hosts is a scientist! 

Our main topic is on Boundaries versus Rules (featuring Ultimatums). We go into the differences between these ideas, why they are not interchangeable, and why you might need to change how you think about your relationship terms. 

We close out the show with a Patreon shoutout to Snares (seriously go and give money to this comic), a reminder to see our episode of Culturally F'd!, and a question on changing the expectations of a poly relationship when locations and living circumstances change. 

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FA 033 Healthy Expectations

We open this week's show with a discussion of how one in ten youth in Britain reports a distressing sexual problem in recent times. Is Brexit anxiety to blame, or could it be a far more simpler explanation? 

Our main topic is on setting Healthy Expectations. Many people in life struggle with setting healthy expectations and this can impact how they find others to date, enter into relationships, or even their day to day decisions and ideas. Your hosts open up about our lives, our struggles, and why there is a car circling Metriko's house. 

We have a question about sexual agency and whether you can deny someone sex if they don't show you their latest STI testing results. We also have some feedback on last week's show and whether or not we can address Anal Sex from a top's perspective.

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FA 029 How to be Single and Happy

On tonight's show we talk about how gender-stereotypical genes might play a large role in your attraction towards others in life. Viro talks about a recent study that might show how the stereotypes of gender affect interpersonal attraction. We also point out the problem areas in the study and why this is not yet a universal truth.

Our main topic is on how to be single and happy. For some, it can be difficult to attain both at the same time. We discuss ways and methods you can employ to achieve both without ignoring the fact that you are, in fact, not currently in a relationship. A lot of the methods can play a part even when you are in a relationship, especially if your partner(s) are long distance or prone to travelling often.

Our question this week is on how to handle your feelings of affection, romance, and sexual desire toward a roommate that may not be reciprocated. If you have had sex before you moved into an apartment with someone as a roommate, how do you handle a potential cooling off that might occur.

We have feedback on sounding advice and why, perhaps, our sound advice was a bit unsound. Confused? Sir Arcane, co-host of A Hairy Prone Companion and the President of the Lansing Pups and Handlers takes us to school. 

We also would like to remind everyone to check out our appearance on the Alter Ego podcast. We talk with Athena, the host of the show, about fursonas, why we're furries, and what the fandom means to us. It's a great show and you should give it a listen.

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FA 026 Living For Yourself

We open tonight's episode with a discussion about the Pope. Why does everyone seem to like this Pope, and what exactly did he mean when he told reporters that Christians should apologize? We rely on Viro, our resident recovering Catholic, to break the secret code and tell us why we should care, or if this is just false hope from the Pope!

Our main topic is on how to Live For Yourself. Really, though, this episode is about the power of telling other people to fuck off. As you can imagine, this episode contains adult language, so enjoy. 

We discuss various strategies you can employ to ensure that people stop having control over your life and, really, why should you care what that stranger on the bus thinks about you? We talk science, philosophy, and butts on this exciting, casual episode of self-empowerment and profanity!

Our listener question for the week is about whether you can be polyamorous but only want to have sexual contact with your primary. We talk a bit about non sexual significant others and what that can mean for you! 

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FA 015 Lovecast Appearance and Trust

This week we lead off with a clip of our Second Opinion segment from Episode 495 of the Savage Lovecast, "Furries and Cheeseheads." Thanks again to Dan Savage and his producer Nancy Hartunian for the gracious invitation as well as granting permission to share the clip in full. 

Our main topic is about trust, which is all too often misunderstood. Trust is the other side of Integrity, and both serve as the foundation on which a relationship either stands firm or crumbles. We discuss what exactly trust is as well as how to develop and maintain trust in yourself and others. We also discuss how to handle breaches of trust and what you can do to recover trust once it has been broken. Spoiler: sometimes that just isn't possible. 

We also take a listener question about how to handle feelings of jealousy in an open relationship that you realized, after the fact, you wished was a closed relationship. 

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