Hello Everyone!

On this week's show we open with a discussion on valedictorians in high school. With so many people focused on finding a mate that has scholastic success we look into a study done of high school valedictorians and where they end up in life. Much like our previous discussions on success, this one might surprise you!

Our main topic is on DIY BDSM. With so many furries interested in the world of BDSM and with limited income, it can be a difficult choice between a steamy piece of art or a steamy piece of leather. For some, pre-fashioned gear lacks a personal touch, or maybe you want to remake that scene in Ghost (except with a whip instead of pottery). Fortunately, BDSM equipment is easy enough to fashion or, in some cases, a little imagination can convert common household items into playtoys (we call those pervertables). We discuss ways you can safely, sanely, and consensually fashion toys for use in your home without breaking the budget (or yourself)!

We close out the show with a question on selfish love. Our questioner loses arousal doing foreplay his partner loves: is there a middle ground to be had?

For more information, including a list of topics, see our Show Notes for this episode.

Thanks and, as always, be well!

Metriko Oni

Metriko Oni is a former government environmental disaster mitigations expert with a focus on outreach, education, and policy writing. He now works with computers. He has been active in the fandom since 2013 and has been an advocate for transparent lines of communication. His interests include philosophy, media, futurism, and speculative fiction.