FA 043 Motivation vs Discipline

Hello Everyone!

We open this week's show with a discussion on how small lies can set the stage for major betrayals. It becomes easier with each lie to make an even bigger lie-- we look at some research behind this, what it means for you, and what it could mean for people within the LGBTQ+ community who lie as part of remaining in the closet.

Our main topic is on Motivation versus Discipline. Many people within the fandom struggle with motivation issues, whether they are artists, authors, or even hosts of a podcast. We discuss why motivation is not what you should be working towards and how to develop self-discipline, which will allow for you to be happy to work, not work to be happy. This is part one of a two part episode, concluding next week with our discussion on what Success is.

We close out this week's show with questions on how to find a pack of your own, and fuckbuddy struggles.

For more information, including a list of topics, see our Show Notes for this episode.

Thanks and, as always, be well!

Metriko Oni

Metriko Oni is a former government environmental disaster mitigations expert with a focus on outreach, education, and policy writing. He now works with computers. He has been active in the fandom since 2013 and has been an advocate for transparent lines of communication. His interests include philosophy, media, futurism, and speculative fiction.