FA 020 Social Anxiety

Hello Everyone,

On tonight's episode we open with a discussion of a scientific study that shows how HIV can prematurely age the cells in your body by 5 years, according to one measure. Viro puts his PhD to use and gives a breakdown of what that means.

Our main topic is social anxiety — what is social anxiety, is it healthy or unhealthy, and what are ways you can reduce its effects and treat it? We answer these questions as well as give examples from our own lives of how we have overcome severe social anxiety issues and learned to embrace our own shortcomings.

This episode closes out our mental health month and we hope that you have been able to learn valuable tools with which to improve yourself and, in turn, your relationships as a whole. Remember: If you can't love yourself how in the hell can you love somebody else? (Thanks RuPaul!)

We end with a question on how to tell someone in an open relationship that you are only interested in their partner. Viro gives examples from his own life and Metriko talks about what happens when you don't talk about these things (hint: it's bad). 

For more information, including a list of topics by timestamp, see our Show Notes for this episode.

Thanks and, as always, be well!

Metriko Oni

Metriko Oni is a former government environmental disaster mitigations expert with a focus on outreach, education, and policy writing. He now works with computers. He has been active in the fandom since 2013 and has been an advocate for transparent lines of communication. His interests include philosophy, media, futurism, and speculative fiction.