Life and relationship coaching

As our audience has grown, many of our listeners and advice column readers have asked to speak with Viro in a one-on-one setting to get help with resolving relationship issues or overcoming stumbling blocks that can trip us up on life's journey.

Until now, it was not possible to offer such one-on-one attention, simply because of time constraints.

Fortunately, Viro is now offering this kind of individualized attention as a service!

Individuals, couples, and polyamorous families can inquire about scheduling appointments with Viro by making use of the contact form below or by contacting Viro on Twitter or Telegram.

Appointments are conducted virtually, using Zoom.US free teleconferencing software, Telegram calls, Google Hangouts, Phone, Discord, or whatever means of real-time communication is most convenient for you!

Your introductory coaching session with Viro is totally free, with no obligation, up to 60-minutes.

Subsequent sessions are offered at a standard rate of $50 per half hour or $100 per hour, with discounts available based on ability to pay.

No clients are turned away, as Viro is passionate about serving the community.

Payments are accepted via Credit (secure payment platform provided by Freshbooks), PayPal, Google Wallet, Venmo, Square Cash, and other online payment platforms.

Whether you need help finding a mate, resolving a conflict with an existing partner, or simply getting in touch with the needs and wants at the root of your emotions, Viro is happy to help!

Just fill out the form below to get started!


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“Listening to [Viro] each week leaves me wondering what I ever did without [Viro’s] advice in my life. [He] offers a smart, funny, science-based perspective on modern day sex and dating dilemmas.”
— Sexologist and sex writer Dr. Debra W Soh, writing in Playboy
When I spoke with Viro, I was able to effectively share my problems and confusions with him. I was having a crisis of meaning in my life when I spoke to Viro, and I felt he was able to help set me on the right path. Viro is very good at helping people approach complicated life decisions, and I feel empowered to form the kinds of relationships I want in my life after speaking with him.
— Vines Doggo
Viro impressed me with his ability to provide advice on social situations at a tangible level while also being able to pull back and relate it to the mechanics behind how we socialize and why. It has helped me not just improve my skills and confidence, but also be more conscious in my approach to relationships.
— Satisfied Client (anonymous)